Thursday, October 20, 2011

Knitting Giveaway Time

With the temperature rising down here in Australia, its time for another giveaway. Its getting much to hot to knit garments (31 degrees today) but its not too hot to dream of shoulder pads, intricate cables and general vintage goodness.

This collection of knitting patterns is from the mid-late 1940s, and includes designs with sizes ranging from 34 to 42 inches.

1. A lovely cabled cardigan (with long or short sleeves) from Copley's (34 inch)
2. Woman's Weekly Home Knitting Booklet, for all the family (34 inches generally)
3. Cardigan in Bell Stitch (38 inch and 42 inch)
4. Embossed stitch jumper, from Bestway (34-36 inch, and 37-39inch)

To enter, just reply in the comments that you would like them, and maybe tell me whats on your needles right now (or what you wish was on your needles).

Entries close noon, 28 October (aussie time). Winner is chosen at random.



Spinneretta said...

I certainly WOULD like them- who wouldn't? :)
I have the quick knit 1940's style sweater from Flossy and Dossy on my needles- but, as usual when I am half way through my garment, I keep looking at other things!
I really, really want to knit something in fair isle!

Moxie Tonic said...

Oh dear, I think I've had the same thing on my needles since March!!! Gah! In my defense, I had to rip out a huge amount of stitching: which actually took several months just to work up the motivation to tackle. And you know, I'm a sewer at heart :)

Laura said...

Oooh, how lovely. I'm knitting a cable cardi at the moment from the V&A archives in a lovely rich green. It's my first cable pattern and I'm having a ball!

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Oh, I wish I was in Australia! I'm in St Louis and it's getting cold and dreary. I'm doing the 3 hour sweater knit-a-long. I haven't had much experience in knitting at all but I did my first set of ribbing yesterday and was so proud, I had to call grandma to brag about it! I'm off to knit all day long.... x

Maria said...

What an awesome pattern giveaway! The embossed stitch jumper from Bestway looks amazing. Yes, I would love to win these patterns.

I'm actually knitting the Coats & Clark Petal Yoke Cardigan that you knitted - and inspired me to make one. Thank you for providing the pattern. Clearly, you're more experienced than I am 'cos I had a minor issue with the pattern and had to undo several rows of pattern, and rework them, only to realise that I had actually knit them correctly in the first place...grrrhh. But I'm past that section now, so - as you mentioned - I'm just trusting the pattern and I'll see where it leads me. This is my first circular pattern ever and my second vintage knitting pattern. I'm enjoying the adventure.

Kate said...

They look lovely! I'm currently working on a 1920's inspired dress. I started it a while ago but couldn't decide how to do the neckline. I've finally decided and will hopefully be able to finish it before the Christmas season :)

Rueby... said...

Oooh! Lovely giveaway :) I'm hoping to catch up on my studies and be able to through a winter hat on my needles sometime soon. Oh university.

Brandy said...

Oh wow, so great! I just found your site and am loving it and your style. I have been working at sewing at the moment, but all this cold weather (in spurts, it can't make up it's mind) has made me really want to knit!

Tasha said...

Ooh, just squeaked in! What a great giveaway. :)

Tina said...

I have no idea if I'm within the time limit or not, but I hope I am! I would LOOOOOOOOVE these. I'm not knitting right now, but have grad designs to cast on the 3-Hour Sweater in the very near future.

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