Sunday, October 23, 2011

How much difference can a good hair cut make?

A big one!
I used to always see my dykey hairdresser at Justcuts (cheap and good for short hair) but now my hair's getting longer I really needed to get a proper style cut and plan for the future.

I had some trepidations about going after the disaster hair-do I got from Leopard Lounge (I won't go on about it, lets just say she doesnt do 'real' vintage, and leave it there).

I'd heard a tonne of good things about Stirlings, and here is the final result. Thank-you James!

Clip from Mimco
Its hard to see in this photo, but he set some really cute curls behind my ears (my fringe looks huge, but its the angle of the photo). 

I'm hot, tired and need a coffee

James explained how I should do three layers of curls for my fringe, and really took his time discussing where to take my hair from here. It was also the first blow-dry i'd had in about ten years.

Did I mention their salon is vintage-mazing?

And the next day - my hair still looked ok and the cut was managable. As you can tell, i'm pretty happy!

Top from Dangerfield

Loving the back!

Not sure why it looks asymmetrical, but its


Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

Oh, I totally love it! The layers in the back are super cute and your fringe looks adorable. It's so difficult to find a good stylist but when you finally do, it's a blessing! You look fabulous! x

Vintage Grrl said...

Fabu-tastic hon! It's great when you find a hairdresser that understands what it is you're trying to achieve. I love my guy for the same reason :D But if he ever decides to move state or shut up shop, I know where to go :D WOO!

Barn House Antiques said...

Love it!

Isis said...

You look great! Very nice hair indeed!

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