Thursday, October 13, 2011

FO: (Not so) Cherry Cardigan, c.1939

*please excuse the 'arty' photos, I got Fin to take them and he loves angles*

Shoes, Endless. Skirt, me! Belt, opshop. Necklace,

Pattern: Grandstand Cardigan
(the original from here, the reproduction here).

Yarn: Spotlight Basics Merinos

The Good:
I love this! Its a relatively easy but long knit (hello rib), and has puff sleeves. Puff sleeves with little shoulder pads!
I'm really happy with the fit and length as well. I can't go on enough about how much I love the shoulder pads.
Despite being from Spotlight, the yarn feels really nice and I think it'll wear well.

The vintage buttons are from Etsy, and are nice and heavy.

The Bad:
The Red Heart version of the pattern is shocking. Its badly written and has annoying mistakes, such as:
- gauge. The RH version gives the gauge for rib thats slightly stretched, but if you calculated the amount of stitches used by the gauge, its much too big. Try 8 inches of positive ease too big! I made the size 36, but could have gone a bit small I think. TIP - make the next size down if you're going to do this.

-armhole depth. Much too deep, I shortened the overall depth by 1 1/2 inches front and back. Didnt need to adjust the sleeves as they were fine.

- button hole placement. They didnt change the space between the buttonholes to compensate for larger sizes. I ended up adding another button hole but that was fine.

Armhole depth (as above), extra button hole (as above) and added in a grosgrain ribbon backing to the button holes.

I made up one cherry for the shoulders, but didnt like how it looked - a bit too arts and craft for my taste.

Overall, I love this cardigan. The miles of boring rib paid off, and I know i'll wear it heaps more next year with high waisted skirts.

I won two free tickets to the Love Vintage Fair tonight at Canterbury (thanks Circa Vintage!), and instead of wearing a 1950s outfit i'm contemplating doing a 1930's look just so I can wear that cardigan...


ravishingretro said...

So cute! I love the cherry detailing.

Have fun at the Love Vintage Fair - I'll be popping over on Sunday.

Debi said...

Fabulous cardigan! So cute with the red buttons and cherry pin!!!

Tasha said...

LOVE it! Modding the pattern once you realize some elements are crazypants, a knitter after my own heart. lol It looks fantastic, I love the bright red buttons on the black, too. Awesome!

Cecilia said...

I am so impressed with all that ribbing you knitted! The cardigan is gorgeous and you look fantastic in it.

LynS said...

Such a good outcome! This cardigan is perfect for you. Like Cecilia, I'm in awe of your persistence In knitting so much rib - and in black as well. Great buttons.

Bex said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments! xxx

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