Tuesday, September 06, 2011

So what's been happening in August?

I realised that I havent really said what i've been up to in a few weeks, so here's a quick update:

- Halfway up the back of my 1930's-inspired Cherry Cardigan (yep, thats the floor of my office). The rib was a killer until I got to the armhole split, but now its flying off the needles. I MUST finish it by the end of September so I can start Cowboy's Xmas present.

- Moxie posted about getting shoes from Endless - free postage to Australia?! I just bought a few pairs of work shoes including these lovelies. Leather + Oxford + Wedge = WIN!

- Cowboy has decided she doesnt wants the 3-ply jumper anymore, and would like the Travelling Man Sweater from Blue Moon Fibre. On the plus side, its 5 ply and a faster knit.
Downside, I now have heaps of 3-ply wool I probably wont use for anything.

Rights to Ann Berk

- This summer is going to be all about culottes and playsuits (didnt I say that last year?). I finally cut out the pattern for my playsuit, and have the best fabric to try it with. Fingers crossed.


Kris said...

Ooh. Shoes. Looking now...

And thanks for that man sweater. Looks nice! Everybody loves a grandpa shawl collar... :)

Bex said...

sooo many shoes... its taken 2 days to decide what to buy.

That guy in the sweater looks like a long-haired version of Snook!

Moxie Tonic said...

I'm just going to apologize to your pocketbook right now ;) I personally have zero willpower when it comes to shoes, and the free shipping and generous return policy only enables me further!!

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