Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Vintage Knitting Pattern Illustrations - Adult Edition

Well, maybe the first one is a bit adult - as requested by Melonby.

Embiggen for - is that a nipple? Is she naked? Lux Knitting 1935

And here's some more whimsy...

That dog is looking up her skirt? - Lux Knitting 1935

Proof that Goths  were around during the 30s
(check out that skull button) - Lux 1938

How does her veil just float
like that?

Lux Knitting 1935

And again in Lux Knitting 1939

Stitchcraft 113 - early 1940s

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apileofsheep said...

Hehe awesome! It's always interesting to see subversive smut throughout history!

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