Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dykes on Bikes in SX Magazine

Last week I got a phone call from the President of Dykes on Bikes, asking if i'd be interested in being in a photo shoot for SX Magazine (a local GLBTQI magazine).

Sure - why not? It was only going to be a small article, and they needed a photo to go with it.
Little did we know, it was the cover photo!

Full article is here if you want to read it.

I still get excited when people want to take my photo (with consent). I was the fat, awkward girl with frizzy hair at high school, who hung out with the nerds - and I still find it strange that someone would want to take my photograph.

Anyway, this Saturday is the annual Dykes on Bikes 'Black and White Ball' - and the theme this year is rockabilly. Cowboi and I are planning on dancing all night long!


Kris said...

You look AWESOME!

Cecilia said...

You look great! Love the hair colour.

Debi said...

Fabulous photo! That is so fun that you are on the cover!

Serina said...


Emily said...

So very cool! Great article, and you look fabulous (we both thinks so).

Bex said...

*shucks* thanks guys!

Moxie Tonic said...

So cool to end up on the cover! You look gorgeous (and rather tough in all that black and leather :) AND your hair matches your bike - talk about the ultimate accessory!
Really nicely done article too, sounds like such a fun and positive group.

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