Monday, July 18, 2011

Striped and Yoked Cardigan, circa 1939

There's just something about a chevron stripe, a yoke and slightly puffed sleeves that sets my heart a flutter.

I'd love to give this one a go, I think resizing it up to a 40-inch bust would be easier than other striped jumpers as you wouldnt have to worry about matching the sleeves and body stripes - the yoke would hide any mis match.

This lovely cardigan comes from Lincoln Mills Knitting Book No.143 - which I believe is the late thirties. Some of the designs seem earlier than that, some seem early forties - its interesting and confusing at the same time!

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Desiree said...

I found your blog while doing a Google image search for 1930s dirndl. I am following your blog because of the URL. Subversive Lesbian Anarchic Knitter? Yes, please.

-Desiree, Pop-o-matci Deluxe

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