Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cherry Cardigan inspiration

My Petal Yoke Cardigan isnt even dry and i'm already looking for inspiration for my next project!

I've been seeing lots of images of lapel pins and brooches from the 1940s, and want to incorporate something similar onto my next cardigan.

I'm really drawn to Sasha Kagan's Cherri Cardi from Knit.1 2007.

The cherry decoration is perfect for inspiration as the cardigan isnt exactly what I want.

Red Heart have done a repro of a 1939 pattern from Chadwick's Sweater News which is more to what I was looking for - I happen to own the original booklet, how nice!

The original (my image).

What I hope my version will look like, in black.
Best of all, the pattern is multi-sized and uses 5 ply.
Once i've finished some birthday presents (a lace scarf and some socks) i'll be casting on ASAP!

I just found out the release date for A Stitch in Time Volume 2 has been pushed back to August - the video preview on Just Call Me Ruby's blog is such a tease! There is a green cardigan in particular that I think will find its way onto my needles very quickly...

Hope everyone has a grand weekend!


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