Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My recent favourite vintage find - an early 60s wool tartan wiggle skirt, in my size! (size W)
I'm determined to wear it, so here I am going to work this morning (it started raining 30 seconds after the photo).

Skirt - Vinnies, Shoes - Bleyer, Scarf - Vinnies, Cardigan - self
I had to balance the camera on the cat ladder, so its a pretty 'special' shot.
The tartan is amazing, red and black with bright yellow accents.

The best part is the label, the pleats are 'Si-Ro-Set'.
Si-Ro-Set was developed by the CSIRO in 1957, as way of making pleats permanent. A brief history is here.

I'm still trying to work out what to do with my hair - its the longest its been for 10 years. Currently i'm doing the 5-minute wonder:
- pin back the sides
- curl fringe with one of those hot roller brush things
- pin fringe
- spray to death with Tresemme medium hold hair spray

I'm off to see my hairdresser tomorrow night, but have no idea what to ask for.
Oh, and apparently I look like a straight girl now.


Cheri Pinktrix said...

Are you kidding! There's way too much plaid for you to be straight!

I get that alot too, that's why I started dying my bangs bright colors.

You look fabulous, btw!

Vintage Grrl said...

Totally loving the skirt (and the whole look!) ....

You know I luvs ya, Bex.... but ...

.. how is it you "look straight"? I didn't know we had a look :P ;) (TIC)

missfee said...

no way I agree with Cheri way too much plaid to be straight

how does one look straight anyway?

Bex said...

@Cheri, I agree with having bright hair - thats why I had pink hair for so long!

@VintageGrrl and @Fee... Its a tricky one to answer. Maybe I should I do a post on heteronormative privilege and assumptions? LOL, kidding!

Its not that I look straight, its that I no longer look 'queer'. When I had short pink hair other queers could (half the time) pick me as one of them - now, not so much...

I also get 'straight' people assuming I have a boyfriend/husband when I say partner, etc etc.

I pass as more 'straight' than 'queer', and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm not dissing straight people, its just bizarre that people would think I am too?

ARetroRemedy said...

I definitly understand the "looking straight". I wear mostly dresses and often have longer hair and people always assume I'm straight unless I have my partner with me [sigh]...

LynS said...

I once had a si-ro-set skirt in black-watch tartan (do they still have black-watch tartan?) Sigh... Si-ro-set skirts always behaved themselves so well. Very neat. Now very ironic. Love the look.

Emily said...

Well, I think you look like a hot queer femme. Love the new orange hair on you, and the do.

But I totally get the invisibility - everyone but the terminally straight assuming (sadly usually docs) read Clare as a dyke; but I get 'are you married', what does you husband/BF do' all the time. It seems to me that hair is the HUGEST defining thing - like you said, when you had short pink hair, you were read as queerer than with the longer hair. Boo.

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