Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some of these things a lot like the other?

Do these patterns look familiar?

Thats because I've listed them here previously on my blog for free?

Looks like a seller on Ebay has got it into their head to appropriate my images and sell them to the unsuspecting public.
I have no issue with someone selling scans of originals (depending on the Copyright expiry) but have major problems with someone nicking images off someone's blog and making out they did the hard work - not to mention the cost of buying all those original patterns.

The thing about being a vintage pattern collector is that you scour Ebay and Etsy for knitting patterns - so listing them on those sites is probably not a good idea.

What a sad way to start the day...


Moxie Tonic said...

What the!?!? I honestly get annoyed at anyone selling scans or copies of patterns. If I'm going to fork out the cash, I want the original. Even worse they aren't even the property of the seller.
Well, I sincerely appreciate you sharing the patterns with us! I'm just sorry someone couldn't control themselves and had to take advantage of a good thing.

Andi B. Goode said...

That's such a crummy thing to do. Ugh. Sorry that someone did that!
-Andi x

What-I-Found said...

That's just wrong...have you contacted the seller?

TheOtherSarah said...

What a $%#@! So rude. I love the first image, she's my avatar on a couple of forums - not your pic though, taken from my own original copy :-)

Lisa said...

@Moxie tonic - I have no problem with someone selling scans of patterns - after all they are legally entitled to and without them I wouldn't have half the patterns I have. I also think selling scanned patterns is a good way of preserving them, original paper patterns decay.

I do agree though, that this person has behaved extremely rudely by taking the scanned patterns from here for sale. Scan your own damn patterns, I say.

mskimberleyanne said...

Hi Bex,

This is a bit of an odd contact but I'm organising a conference coming up at UNSW shortly and have been a reader of your blog for only a few months. I was wondering if you might be interested in being involved. If you're curious send me an email at k.lowe@arc.unsw.edu.au and i'll give you more information.

Sorry I didn't know how else to contact you except a comment! :)

- Kim

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