Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some like it luke-warm!

Its still freezing here in Sydney, and its snowing up in the Bloue Mountains! Every year I say i'm going to drive up and check it out, and I never do. Maybe this year?

July 2nd-3rd is the Blue Mountains Antique Fair in Blackheath, so maybe that will be my chance!
(its at the Blackheath Community Hall, Great Western Hway 10am-4pm).

I finally watched 'Some Like it Hot', with Cowboy the other day - how does Marilyn's dress stay up?! (or, how does her chest stay put?)

Its gravity defying. I think I spent most of the movie looking at the fashions and not paying much attention to the story line.

Anyway, I loved the flapper-thirties finger waves some of the girls wore, so here's my first attempt at finger waves for a short haired grrl.

Crumpled, on the way to work.
Hairclip - Mimco.

I really need to invest in some pin curl clips, as I just bobby pinned them last night and the back didnt survive. ReVamp Vintage has great instructions on how to fingerwave, as well as authentic hairstyling from 1910- 1940 if you want some good instructions.

The tricky thing was trying to remember which way i'm supposed to wave the hair, I think I did it wrong but its OK for work today. (I try out my hair experiments at work, because no-one really sees me).



Moxie Tonic said...

Some LIke it Hot is one of my favorite Marilyn movies! She always gets stuck with the sexpot tag, but I think she was a brilliant comediene (How to Marry a Millionaire is another - the film is ok, maybe verging on silly, but Marilyn is so funny and perfectly, adorably ditzy).

Your finger waves turned out great: I'm liking this look on you!

Emily said...

I like the look! Tried to get hairdresser to do it for me before I went to a deco hotel, he totally bottled it :-(

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