Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stitch in Time, Volume 2

 I'm sure all the vintage-knitting-afficionados know that Stitch in Time, Volume 2 is due out at the end of June (amazing preview here - go now!).

The book's RRP is $55 Aussie/US + postage (yay, dollar for dollar), buuuuut.... if you pre-order it online at BookDepository its only $38.25 including postage if you use the code MAY11 during the checkout. 

Here's a couple of images of some finished garments in the book i've scrounged off GoogleImage:


TheOtherSarah said...

I know, I know... I can't wait!

Jen (pieKnits) said...

Thanks for the heads up on the discount! I actually had to use "May11" for it to work.

Bex said...

whoops thanks Jen!

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