Sunday, May 01, 2011

Baby, its cold outside!

Brrrrr. It got down to 8 degrees C last night (46 F for the Americans), its time to whip out the winter woolies.
For Sydney-siders this normally consists of thin knits with jackets over the top - anything over an 8ply and you're pretty much dying from heat overload. Sometimes, I wish it got cold enough to bust out a cowichan cardigan or a woolen dress but I think i'd get over the intense cold pretty quickly.
From Etsy seller storyofthings

Esty seller Raleigh Vintage


Yesterday, I did score a 1960s black angora/lambs wool jumper for $5 at the Marrickville Markets and its perfect! Thin enough that I won't overheat and a really great raglan sleeves. 

It got me thinking about the perfect knit for this winter.
(And yes, the 1940s Victory Sweater is still on the needles - i've finished the front and back, but alas I've put on weight so it doesnt fit now. Its in hibernation.)
I'm working on something, but I dont want to get my hopes up as resizing a vintage pattern is really a stretch of my skills. BUT, if it works, i'll be able to share the original plus a re-size to a 39 inch bust.

If you could design a perfect winter knit, what would it be?

P.S If you want to be totally knit-spired, check out some of the practical stuff Tasha at By Gum By Golly has knitted...


Andi B. Goode said...

Yep, I look at pictures of people in Europe or colder climes all rugged up and wish I could layer up just as much but I'd overheat, too!
Also, thanks for the comment on my blog - I tried to find your email so I could send you my address (I guessed you meant mailing?) but couldn't see it. Because that sounds really great! Thanks.
-Andi x

Kris said...

LOVE THE PHEASANT. It's like "Danny the Champion of the Cardigan" or something.

Cinquefoil said...

Love them both! And I find it somewhat funny that you in there are waiting for the wrapping-yourself-up weather while we in here are cursing at what seems never ending winter and summer that just keeps us waiting! Well, I guess in truth one could say we're in spring but I just really can't wait for the summer. :)


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