Sunday, May 29, 2011

40s/50s Festival, Bligh Park NSW

I think I forgot to mention, i'm a red head now!
After 4 years of pink, it was time for a change... I bleached the roots, tried to lighten the ends (didnt really work) and put a orange/red stain over the top. Followed up with a blonde/copper semi to give it some tone. If anyone really wants to know the details i'll make a seperate post ;).

50s cardigan, Etsy. Pink sunglasses,
Fifties Fair @ Rose Seidler

Anywhoo - on Saturday, a group of us did a road trip out to Windsor for the 40s/50s Festival at the Bligh Park Tavern.

The festival was tiny, but it was only the first year so wait and see for next year I guess. There was an awesome brooch seller there and her prices were very  cheap - she told me where she usually frequents so I think i'll stalk her a little bit!

Kim and I in front of the best vintage caravan!
The best thing about heading out west was being able to visit the op-shops! I've been keeping my eye out for a hair curler, and picked this one up for $2, box included. (it says its perfect for the "Bouffant, Cleopatra and Wing"). The other score was this 50s (maybe early 60s) fabric from the same shop - nearly 4 metres, so enough to make a dress!

Unfortunately, Cowboy couldnt come so we're going to plan a seperate day out so she can visit all the op-shops/vintage shops too...


Emma said...

Oh sounds like a good little festival. Ill have to check it out next year x

elise said...

The photos are fantastic! Looks like a wonderful time. Love your new look .

Emily said...

Love the hair - and the look in general!

Cool re re the etsy shop.

Andi B. Goode said...

Oh wow. Your hair looks AMAZING!
-Andi x

Moxie Tonic said...

LOVE your new hair color! I didn't think I could possibly like anything better than the pink, but this is simply stunning :D

Bex said...

aww shucks, thanks guys!

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