Sunday, April 03, 2011

The $8 dress

Wow, I think the Salvos on Prospect Hway (Seven Hills) is my new favourite OpShop! I got this early 60s acetate shirtwaist dress for $8 - and its my size! (well, after I took it in an inch). I never find vintage dresses in my size (unlike my size 8 friend Kim).
Its a home-made number, but a lot of care was taken by whoever made it - I love the perma-press pleats in the skirt.

I'm still not sure about wearing dresses out during the day, it feels uber-femme and i'm not quite i'm ok with that yet. I much prefer a pair of black jeans, scarf and a cute t-shirt.

I did wear it out to the Rock and Roll Markets in Tempe with the Cowboi.
Major disappointment - most of the good stallholders had disappeared and so had the crowds... I'm just hoping that people were saving themselves for the Love Vintage Fair in a couple of weeks at Canterbury.


Meg Needles said...

I love your dress! I think the way the colors are opposite of your hair color are beautiful together. If that makes.. sense..?

ColorSlut said...

Great find!

Kate said...

Lovely dress! The print is really sweet :)

elise said...

Gorgeous and it looks lovely on you.


sweet jane. said...

I love those shades of blue with your pink hair! (your curls are fabulous also!)

I like the casual look of jeans-scarf-tee but it gets way too hot in the summer where I live to wear long pants ... I see dresses more of a way to not sweat excessively & die of heatstroke, haha.

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