Sunday, March 20, 2011

Patons and Baldwins Specialty Knitting Book No.98 - c1936

Whilst crusing through the St Vinnies in Rockdale yesterday I came across this P&B knitting booklet for 20 cents - what a find!

I'm judging mid 30s by the hair and makeup - PLUS one of the models on page 8 is holding a copy of Gone with the Wind with the original cover (published 1936). So I'm going to cautiously date it to then...

The whole 24 pages has been scanned to this Flickr Set if you would like to print any of them out...

PS - Opshop.Org has a complete listing of op-shops all over Australia!


smartygirl said...


StickLena =KnitLena said...

I am so grateful for the pix at Flickr, but they are not possible to copy or print. Can that be fixed?

Bex said...

Hi Lena,

what you need to so is select 'Actions' from the top left of the photo, then 'View All Sizes'.
This will let you print or download the photo if you click on it with your right mouse button.

Hope that helps!

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