Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No rest for the wicked.

Or the under-staffed at work.

I have 17 days to make some sailor shorts for Dykes on Bikes, and a sarong dress for the Love Boat recovery party.

(While the sailor pants are a deviation from the STtDC, the sarong dress would fit the 'Wiggle Dress' criteria, phew).

Sarong dresses look so stunning, especially on the curvier girls (Doris MayDay, I love you).

Fleur's Flickr

So, it can't be that hard to make one right? How about drafting your own pattern since they sell for over $60 online?

Piece of cake.

Lets see. Take Butterick 9629.

Thats just a sheath dress, with the wrap and a fake tie on the top. A bit of googling came up with this result for drafting a sarong skirt with cascade.

These are great diagrams of how to draft your own, i'm inspired to fiddle with a pattern and see what happens...

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