Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome to 2011!


We all made it, despite the Y2K bug coming 10 tens years late.
I got the iPhone 4 back in November, and it over-heated and froze all the time. I've been waiting nearly 4 weeks for a replacement :(.

Do I dare make some evolutions for 2011? Let's see...

- go for a jog at least once a week
- spend less (much, much less) on clothes/shoes/patterns/fabric
- get over the fear of my motorbike
- new ink
- more sewing and knitting

I have a major goal for this year - to successfully embiggen a 1954 vintage dress pattern (bust 34, hip 37) to my measurements (bust 39, hip 44), make it, and wear it to the Fifties Fair Day in August.

Butterick 6815, and I plan on making the coat to match also (I scored 8m of black and burgandy plaid taffeta on sale at Spotlight, its stunning).

How did I go with last years evolutions?
Well, I did take up knitting again, met some awesome people and succesfully dated.
The renos are on-going but we have most of a kitchen now. Didnt get any new ink.

Not too bad I reckon.

My new years eve was fantastic, good friends, good food and good music - I hope you all had a fabulous night too!

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Pixie Needle said...

That dress pattern is wonderful! Can't wait to see the progress you make on it.

I wish I had ink, but I have a fear of needles. Maybe that should be something I overcome in 2011.

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