Sunday, January 23, 2011

Royal Crown Revue

Oh my goodness.

Can anyone in Sydney recommend a good Swing class, cos Cowboy and I are smitten! Rock and Roll/Rockabilly are fun but Swing just looks really versatile...
The band was really good (a little on the slow side sometimes) and the venue perfect for dancing. My only gripe was the price of drinks at the Town Hall - $4 for a water or a soft drink? Crazy!

We had a great time though, dancing with a hundred or so other couples. If Royal Crown Revue ever play near you, I really recommend going to see them.

The outfit came out perfectly. Well, nearly. The shoulder seams on the top are too far forward but its wearable.

The sleeve cuff and self covered buttons worked really well, and I just hot-glue gunned a rose onto a hair clip for my hair (the pearls were my Nan's).

One of my closest friends just got back from 6 months in the UK and bought me these amazing retro-inspired hair clips - how have I never seen Cath Kidston stuff before? So cute!

I can't get over how insanely busy we're going to be over the next two months - Mardi Gras is coming up during February, my 30th birthday, AutumnFest in Taree and Imelda May down in Melbourne! Yikes!


Vivian V. Dimples said...

Gah, I can't get over how sweet your hair is. Love the skirt!

Vintage Grrl said...

You look gorgeous! Yes, RCR are definitely worth seeing. I wish I was able to get out this past weekend :(

As for Swing Dance classes, I would recommend Swingtime Australia. Same girl runs Retrospecc'd in Newtown.

Emily said...

You look great!

Cath Kidston - good, but expensive and a it chichi, I think. She does stuff like flowery tents. At enormous expense. Popular with the posh girls!

Imelda May is great - saw her at a little burlesquey show in Birmingham before we came out to Oz, even. Great voice and great show-person!

ColorSlut said...

Wow you look stunning. The whole thing is so lovely and you are beautiful!

Kris said...

I did about a year of classes with Swing Patrol in Newtown ~ they used to meet on a Monday night at the Hall of St Stephen's anglican church (Church St, Newtown) and were about $8/class.

Bex said...

Hey thanks Kris! We tried Swing Patrol, but didnt find it structured enough... Going to give SwingTime a go in a few months! :D

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