Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mexicana - Chadwick's Sweater News 1939

I can't get enough of Chadwick's Sweater News - there's just some really interesting patterns in it.

Take Mexicana for example - even though its a black and white photo you can get an idea of how outlandish the colours would have been in real life. I'm guessing yellow, red, orange and maybe deep blue? How fabulous!



Andi B. Goode said...

Oh my. How amazing that would be in colour! I have a pattern that suggests using avocado, hot pink and lavender, I believe.
-Andi x

maryanne s said...

i read and reread the pattern and cannot see how it works ! There is no mention of colour change. If you increase the picture size it looks like tapestry but there is no mention of that either...
Maryanne s

Bex said...

Hi Maryanne - it's the yarn, it's multicoloured and it makes the pattern automatically - like self striping sock yarn :)

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