Monday, December 20, 2010

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Happy Holidays

I'm off shortly down south with Cowboi, and can't wait to be sitting on the beach somewhere (in the shade of course) drinking mexican beer with lemon. Bliss.

This Xmas was full of crafty goodness, with my sister asking for a knitted mouse for my baby niece. Well, a mouse needs a tree-house too! It looks much cuter in real life ;).
The pattern for the mouse is Holiday Mice by Fuzzymitten, and the tree-houses are the Fairy Hideaway from Karla Fitch. The mouse was super easy! The trees took a lot a re-working to get them to stand upright, but i'm pretty happy with them now.

And for Xmas-for-me sewing, I copied a pattern off some vintage aprons I own and whipped this up out of half a meter of snowflake print in an hour. Xmas Classy!
It has pin tucks across the top, and is edged with white cotton pre-gathered lace.

When I get back from holidays i'll try and load the pattern up so people can make it too if they want...

I hope everyone enjoys their time off and avoids the stress. Hugs!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Knitted Snood Pattern, mid 40s

Now, i'm not really a snood girl myself, but alot of people are... I'm also a sucker for any pattern that describes itself as 'gay'.

This is from the hardcover 'Modern Knitting Illustrated', from Odhams Press London. I got it for $8 at the Rock and Roll Markets in Tempe (another fabulous reason to go!). The markets are on again this Sunday too by the way.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Glengarry - a gay pair at a small cost (1939)

Oooh knitted crocheted hat (thanks for pointing that out Sasphyria)! I love vintage hats! Well, some of them ;).

This pair is from "Sweater News - Book 139" from Chadwick's Red Heart Wools, copyright 1939.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


I wasn't always Femme.

Heck, I spent many years of my life playing the straight girl I thought I had to be to make everyone happy. Until I realised I wasn't happy. I came out, cut my hair short, wore cargo pants and drank cheap beer.

Cos isn't that what lesbians do?

And then I saw 'Bound'.

I wanted to be Violet (Jennifer Tilly). I wanted to date Corky (Gina Gershon). It resonated.
I started wearing skirts and makeup (it wasn't pretty at first, but some Drag Queens helped me on my way). Baby steps.
I got hassled by my feminist-lesbian-seperatist flat mates for buying into the patriarchy.

The image of Corky and Violet never went away.

Girlfriends came and went. They were always kinda butch. They all had a thing for the slightly more feminine girls. They liked women in heels.

I met others like me. I took inspiration from their pride, fierceness and damn-good dress sense.

I still got derided and ignored by the mainstream dykes (the gaystream). I still do. The majority of people out there think i'm straight.

But I don't care anymore - it might have taken 10 years but i'm finally Violet.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Tailored Chic - Sun-Glo Knitting Book 59, circa WWII, now with plus sizes!

Since Emily suggested a knitted dress, here is a classy one from this cute little booklet (Sun Glo Series 59 - street dresses and suits). I love the Sun-Glo and Lux booklets, the designs always seemed a bit edgier than Patons.

The best thing about this booklet is the instructions tell you how to multi-size it from 32/34 inch bust, to 36inch, 38/40 inch and 42/44 inch. Plus sized! (or Matron sized, as they liked to call it). Imagine knitting a whole dress on 3.25mm needles - it would take me years! I love the staying power of the person who did actually knit this...

Please excuse the dodgy scanning, the scanner at my work was playing up.

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