Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bed makeover, now with added skulls!

You know when you're laying in bed just about to fall asleep and you have the most amazing creative brainwave? And then you promptly forget it when you wake up and spend all day sad because you can't remember it, and it was super amazing?

It happens all the time for me, but this time I remembered!

I have the Sorum bed from IKEA (the old pine style, about 10 years old). It came with grey fleecy headboard covers.

Ok, the covers DO NOT go with my room anymore (did they ever?). I love the bed though, because its hard to find one that you can sit up comfortably in and still attach retraints to (ok, overshare of my personal life here).

So - make my own headboard covers, and make them embroidered!

I'm drawn to the Marigold Sugar Skull pattern by Polka & Bloom.

There are some nice versions around...

By Snifferooski

and also loving the Mad Ink set, from Sew Lovely

By Zhad_squad

And if you want a great time suck, check out the Embroidery group on Flickr.... drool...

So anyway. Thats my Xmas holidays projects sorted out, I did have concerns about knitting on a summer's day by the beach and embroidery is a much better option!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Aspirational hair, re-envisioned.

Or, hot queer haircuts! Lesbian visibility barbershop poster by DIS.

This poster is meant to be a contrast to the hyper-feminine salon posters - and you can buy copies of it from DISmagazine. (oh, i'm loving the bottom left)

spotted on Jezebel.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A question - what kind of vintage pattern do YOU want here?

What kind of knitting pattern would you like me to post?

A jumper/sweater with crazily-high puffed sleeves from the 40's?
An elegant knitted dress from the 50s?
More coloured plates?
More mens?
More childrens? (I've never posted kids stuff. I like kids, can't eat a whole one though)

Tell me, and i'll pick a suggestion at random, search through my massive, dangerously stacked collection* and post it to my blog for you.

*I keep saying that one day my combined fabric, wool and pattern stash will fall on me, crushing me to deal beneath its weight. My body will be found 5 days later, after my cat has eaten my face off. Not from hunger, but from spite.

And here's todays second pattern - a really awesome lime-green and brown jumper from the cover of Woolworths Economy Knit Book, No. 29.

Look at her culottes! The shoulder pads! The atomic colour choice! I recommend looking at the picture in the large view and reading whats written on the front cover by the original owner...

Paragon Men's Knitting Book 74 : Adventurer (circa late 40s)

I'm going to do a doouble-hit of patterns today, just cos i'm feeling pretty darn happy!

Time for something for the masculine-type person out there... In three sizes too (if only they made most of the women's patterns multisized?)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finished Object : Butterick 7952 (wearable muslin)

Hmmm. It does kinda look like the pattern below upper left.

I think I need a more poofy petticoat though.

Fabric:  $1 a meter pink cotton with red cherries on it (from Spotlight). Espadrilles from Rubi Shoes.

This was supposed to test my re-sizing of the pattern (28 inch waist to 33 inch), and success! The skirt itself has in inverted pleat in the front centre and back centre, and a side lapped zipper.

The only mods I made were to shorten the skirt by a couple of inches, and to add a pocket with ric-rac to the front (pockets! yay!). I also lined the skirt with white poplin as the fabric was quite see-through, the added bonus was more body to the skirt so its wearable without a petticoat.

This pattern is super, super easy. I'm pretty sure it must have been released in the US under a different pattern number, but i'm yet to come across it.

Terrible close up of the pockets.

I'm really temped to make Sencha in a white cotton, and make the matching jacket from this pattern - although it might be cherry over-kill!

Finished Object: Bird Mittens

Bird Mittens, pattern by Hanneke Sieben on Ravelry

Yarn: Spotlight Basics Merino in red, and Spotlight Basics 8ply in white (one of each was just enough).
3.25mm needles.

I really enjoyed this pattern, although getting the right gauge was a pain. I'm in love with the little birds everywhere, and the palm looks kinda like feathers - its a very well-thought-out pattern. I recommend doing the picot hem too, it looks really sweet.
The person these are for is a big sweetie too (one of my best buds, whose in Paris right now). They're going to be her Xmas present, so better post them off soon!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just had to share the latest pattern aquisition...

squee! Look at the darts/shaping, isnt it divine!

Gotta love Etsy...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dainty bolero for beach, tennis - AWWKNB 1944

So perfect for summer! This is from the Australian Women's Weekly Knitting Book (I think its 1944, definitely World War Two era). The recommended colour way is white with royal blue trim - exactly how I imagined it in my mind. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Style Me Vintage

My copy of Style Me Vintage Hair finally came today (I pre-ordered it through Bookdepository in the UK), and I really love it. It's written by Belinda Hay, hairdresser at The Painted Lady London Hair Salon (god, I need to go!). *excuse the photos, my camera is shite*

Well, I mostly love the layout as my hair is too short to do any of the styles in the book (except for a mini-quiff, and maybe some pin curls in my fringe). I think its aimed at the rockabilly/forties revival look which is so popular right now (yeah, i'm one of those).

There are a lot of things to love in this book - the cover is a printed fabric (not plain old card or paper), and the background of the pages is vintage fabrics and barkcloth.

The girls are all uber-cute with tattoos and piercings, and while their outfits are a more modern take on vintage (i.e. not 100% historically accurate) it makes the whole 'look' more accessible. And that's what's important.

If you were looking for a book which told you how to get your hair cut to do a certain style, or how to do a historically accurate set then this book isn't what you're looking for (although, for the price and the beautiful photos/layout i'd get it anyway).

If you're looking for a book which shows you how to do your own (easier) version of Joan's hair, Betty Grable's poodle curls or how to tie a head scarf properly (ala Rosie the Rivetter) then this is what you need.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Hats Hats Hats!

I've just gone a little bit crazy on Etsy, buying hats...

But look! Isnt she fabulous?

Pure fifties fun. Since the Cowboi and I are going to spend Xmas at the beach this year, I needed a sun hat. I needed one, ok? I'm imagining her with sundresses, or shorts and espadrilles. (embroidery inside that hat! love!).

And these... well... two hats for $30 including postage? How could I say no... The turquoise one needs a new net, but I think it'll look great with my pink hair.


Its pretty tricky finding hats that I can wear due to my hair being so short, I tend to stick with the cute school-girl or teen style that just sit on, or fitted skull cap types. I don't have enough hair to clip to, so those ones with the 'wings' that come down the side of your head are great.
And pill-box just look ridiculous, like I have a cushion on my head!

I'm yet to have an issue buying hats off Etsy, and recommend them as a great place to start if you don't have a lot of money.

If you have money to burn on wearable vintage masterpieces, check out Circa Vintage... Her beautiful hats are at the big vintage fairs, but be prepared to spend a bit.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Must fight the Startitus...

For the non-knitters out there, Startitus is 'when you feel the need to start lots of projects at the same time, even though you know that's a stupid thing to do'. Thanks Haldechick.

I suffer terribly from Startitus. I have half finished cardigans languishing in my knitting box (i've lost weight so they're too big, but I might put weight back on so I better not frog them - but I don't want to put weight back on - what to do!).
I have sad and lonely socks, waiting for their partner to make a pair.
Half sewn dresses that i've realised need major alterations before I can continue sewing.


But then I see something pretty, and have to make it right now! I'm really fighting the startitus.
Instead of starting a new sewing project last night (possibly Rooibos or Ceylon from Colette) I unpicked a couple of dresses, ready to take in so I can actually wear them this summer.
Two wearable dresses, in one night!

But then I found a copy of The Australian Women's Weekly Knitting Book for Adults (circa 1944) and i'm struggling not to cast on for a new project.

The photos are adorable, not to mention the quantity of patterns in the book. I got it from a vintage shop on south King St Newtown for a really good price (considering that I just saw three go for over $50 on Ebay, $12 was a good price).

The cover is cardboard which is pretty unusual in itself, but it means the outside is not in the greatest of condition. Maybe if I share some photos you might understand!

PS - Gertie is having a sew-along for Colette's latest pattern, Crepe, and the pattern is 20% off for November if you use the code word GERTIECREPE.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Patons No.171 - Jenny Cardigan, circa 1946

Here's a cute little cardigan from the cover of Patons Knitting Book No. 171 I just nabbed on Ebay (I also got 8 booklets from 1940 - 1949 coming too, 99c each! Yeehah!)

Two sizes for the bust, 33inch and 36inch. Knit in Patons Crepe (3ply) using size 9 (3.75mm) needles.

And isnt her hair fabulous!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

No, I havent forgotten how to knit...

Thats the back, all done! I'm 5 inches up on the front too.
But who knows how long it will take me now - I was house sitting for a friend (for 3 weeks), it was an hours train travel each way, thats two hours of knitting time, per day!

I've been offline a little bit due to my Nan's ill-health - she's got lung cancer and not much time left so I flew down to see her in Geelong last weekend.
My Nan rocks. She has the most hilarious and cheeky sense of humour, and I know where my shoe-addiction came from. Her taste in clothing was always a bit out there, but I wish she kept some of her fabulous old stuff - the photos are fantastic!
She gifted me all her vintage costume jewellery though, can't wait to wear it when I next go out.

On the sewing front, I made a (highly) wearable muslin of Butterick 5250 - highwaisted Hollywood pants, View A. (This pattern cost $2, new, on Ebay!)

Great fitting pattern, terrible instructions. I used some navy stretch gaberdine with white anchor buttons to make them look like sailor pants once I realised the pattern worked and fitted well. I think next time i'd move the zip to the back instead of the front.

I'll definitely use this pattern again, the pants look really retro (although my housemate was confused as to why I wanted high waisted pants). So I better post a photo, but i'll get Cowboi to take a better one this weekend hopefully (my camera is crap).

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