Monday, September 27, 2010

Colette Patterns

Arn't they pretty?

I had no idea that the Colette patterns came so well packaged. Firm cardboard packet, lovely printed instructions and tissue printed patterns.
I bought mine from Modern Retro Textiles, the price included postage within Australia which was great.

I really want to get Parfait and Rooibos too, but one project at a time I guess.

Sencha is really useful, it could pass as a 40s or 50s top quite easily. I mean, look at Butterick 7952* below, doesnt it look like the Sencha in the middle with a peter pan collar?

*Butterick 7952 was the first vintage pattern I ever bought, about 8 years ago. Still havent sewn it up. Typical.

I'm itching to sew Sencha, but the CheckerBall dress of Doom must come first. I've nearly finished creating the pattern, but its a bit of a nightmare.

Note to self, buy a petticoat next time, don't make one.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free 50's Petticoat Pattern

over at BurdaStyle.

I really, really need one of these - can you believe I don't own a real petticoat for my dresses?

Fifties Fail.

I nearly bought a cheap one off Ebay from this seller, until I saw the above pattern for free and scored 5m of 140 wide crystal organza for $2 a meter, at Spotlight.



Simplicity 4706 (just using this for inspiration, I wish I owned it)



CheckerBall dress of awesome.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Masochistic Tendancies

Yep, thats me.
I volunteered to sew all the volunteer staff (door and bar) matching hats for the Femme Conference, so they had a uniform of some description.

One hat down, 10 more to go. Excuse my dodgy photo and zombie-death-stare...

And I havent started the party dress yet*! But I've found the pattern I want to use, picking it up today from Spotshite.
*the delightful Cowboi reminded me that I will need a 'day' outfit for the Conference/Panels as well. In fact, i'm going to need two - one for running around, the other for the Leather Femme panel. Thats three outfits in total. Cross your fingers for me please!

Vintage Hairstyles Booklet

Bumping into Vintage Grrl (with fantastic victory rolls) at the Rock and Roll markets reminded me of this link for a naughty copy of 1940s Hairstyles, by Daniela Turudich on google docs.

I don't normally like naughty copies, but the book is out of print and retails for $150 on Amazon. Pretty crazy....

And what did I see at the markets.

Swing Pants.

Everywhere. Sailor style, high waisted, tweed, navy, brown. I think I need to make some, and viola, check out this repro pattern on Etsy!

So cute! I love the repro patterns (especially with multisizing).

(and what did I buy at the markets? A vintage 60s black plastic bow brooch - not terribly exciting but there wasn't much that grabbed me or was in my size).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Femme Conference!

Bang a gong - it's on! (can't resist an Iron Chef quote). Tickets available from

We're so lucky to have Madison Young as the keynote speaker, and a really diverse range of papers/workshops are on their way. (cough cough yours truly may be sitting on the Leather Femme panel).

The Checkerball Party on Saturday night is going to go off with some of Sydney's best Femme perfomers - Glitta Supanova, Lillian Starr, Stella Topaz, Vixen Noir... the list goes on.

Sunday is a casual wind-down, featuring a Rock and Roll dance class*, pot luck lunch and internation films from Femmes and queers around the world.... Gold coin donation.

*yes. yes. yes. I'm so excited about that one.

So now. What to wear to the Checkerball?
I'm loving this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing... but in green and white gingham? Time to get sewing anyway...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Full on rock and roll weekend!

Started with our normal Rock and Roll dance class on Saturday, then shopping on south King St. Cowboi bought the cutest swing braces from Retrospect'd - and I finally got a 50's hat I can wear with my short hair! Its very cute, but I want to do my hair properly before I take a photo for the blog!
Then we went and looked in all the vintage shops up and down the street.
Three hours later, and i'm dying from exhaustion.
I love the Cowboi, she loves shopping a lot so we always have a good time. She's also got a really good eye for what suits someone well.

I really, really recommend the Rockabilly Dance Class that Cowboi and I went to the Sunday.
The class went for 3 hours, and was taught by Limpin' Jimmy and the Swinging Kitten.
Really great teachers, they made sure everyone was confident with the moves and focused on the fun aspect of dancing.

We hung around afterwards for a bit of a dance, and had a chat with an awesome rockabilly couple from Penrith (with amazing tatts). They had 4 kids, you wouldn't know it. (I love finding a point of connection with strangers, especially non-queers. I love that most of the people who read this blog arn't queer either).

We're hoping to meet them again this Sunday at the Rock'n'Roll Markets in Tempe.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good pattern karma

Ok, I think the sewing gods heard how I upset I was, because they sent me some awesome pattern karma. I've wanted a 1930's lounging pyjama pattern since I began collecting about 6 years ago - but the prices! Anywhere from $40-$95.

So finally, I snagged one for $20 including postage on Etsy! (its a 1937 Simplicity)

I can just imagine laying on my chaise longue, reading a magazine, wondering where my next martini is... well maybe not. I'm still a happy girl.

The other reason I know that the pattern gods are smiling is because of getting these 40s shorts pattern damn cheap. I'm pretty sure they feel bad about the whole play suit debacle, and sent this one my way.

Bibbed pants with front buttons!!!

Heck yes. In size 16.

This is a strange one, i've seen it for $45 on one site, and $23 on another (I paid half of that). Shows it pays to look around. And people charge whatever they feel like.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vintage Playsuit + Fitting Angst = Tears

I want a vintage (inspired) play suit for summer.

I want to look like Marilyn Monroe, lounging on the beach this Christmas. In polka dots. (Cowboi and I are going to Pretty Beach, down south).

And I want to make it, because I can't afford $120 for one.

Oh the plans. I bought espadrilles. I bought sunglasses. I had plans of buying a beach chair for lounging with my pina colada.

I chose lime green and white polka dot fabric, and thought I could frankenstein two different patterns together. With pale pink plastic buttons i've been saving for something special. Super cute?

EPIC Play suit FAIL.

It pulled down in the back, ballooned around my waist, was too tight in the crotch and the legs were too long. Not to mention the shapelessness in the bust. No photos.

What have I learned:
- If there isnt enough room in the booty/bum curve, the back will pull down. Badly. And the front will pull up in the crotch to be camel-toe inducing. Not a good look.
- Modding a current New Look pattern (for the top) and a Vintage 70's pattern (for the pants) together into a one-piece pattern may not be so great. Especially when I had to upsize the pants pattern by a couple of inches.
- New Look patterns are hit and miss. They work when you make them out of stretch fabric which is more forgiving.
- Use larger polka dots. Or plain fabric. Or you're gonna look strange, especially in lime green.
- Make sure the legs are short and cuffed, or it will look like a bad eighties catsuit/jumpsuit throw back.

So, i'm going to give Simplicity 2476 a go, and mod the top and pray.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Finally!!! Dirty Mag launch!

The secret is finally out. A few months back the Femme Guild was asked to be in a photo shoot for Dirty Magazine, a new queer magazine for Sydney. Its been rather hush-hush, but the launch of the magazine is finally here. And the photos are hot!

The launch is Thursday 30 September at The Oxford Hotel.

Here is a sneak peek of my wives and I, before they started shooting our session. The classy factor went downhill rather quickly after that.

Anyway, its free, there will be hot femmes/bois/bears/everyone so come on down and get yourself the innaugural copy!
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