Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fifties Fair Day

How nice was the weather on the weekend???
So beautiful, perfect to hang out with friends at the Fifties Fair.

And eat fairy floss.

And pose with your hot friends in front of their hot car.

Only minimal sunburn too (thank goodness for the umbrella). Dress came out really well, and i'd definately use the pattern again. I'll have to get the Cowboi to take a better photo.
Fair Day Haul included new (vintage) white gloves, new pink vintage-style glasses, red chiffon scarf and the best diamante 50's brooch.
Still hunting for some vintage dotty scarves and a nice pair of vintage cats eye glasses - the prices at the Fair were crazy ($130? really?).

What did get to me is the stall holders and price gouging. Selling a 70's brown vest (missing a button and stained) for $75 - wha? Just because its the Fifties Fair doesnt mean people are going to pay whatever you ask. There is too much competition to be selling things at those prices. I've seen the prices get higher and higher every year, and while the quality is getting better too there are definitley sellers who bank on people not knowing what things are worth. 
Kudos to the stall holder selling cute vintage hats for between $20 and $70. You made it worthwhile to come! (too bad none of your hats suited me, but I had fun trying them all on hehe).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nice Dita Von Teese inspired Makeup Tutorial

Oooh and Illamasqua finally arrived in Myers Sydney last month - i'm going to try and convince my femme-wife Sally to come with me tomorrow and try on foundations.

I've heard they do 8 different shades for pale skin so i'm hopeful to finally get one that matches my skin tone!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FO: Latex skirt of Doom

I've always wanted to work with latex and leather - learning new skills, not to mention being able to make my own fetish outfits for a lot less. Uber ran a Working with Latex course a few weeks back which I highly recommend.

I thought maybe we'd make a wrist cuff. Or something basic.

We got to make clothing! Hurrah! Well, actually we got to make either a really short mini skirt or a tank top.
I asked the teacher very nicely if I could please alter that skirt pattern.... to a below knee fitted wiggle skirt! Much more my style:

It looks a bit wonky on one side, but thats because i'm standing funny.

I really like working with latex. Everything is glued instead of sewn, you get to sniff chemicals and use a rotary cutter (ooh! danger!) - exciting!
If only latex sheets weren't so expensive (you can only get it from the UK and it costs a bomb to post out) i'd be experimenting more right now.

Next up - leather. I just got my hands on a leather industrial sewing machine and some leather - I just need to be able to fit it in my sewing room...

Monday, August 16, 2010

FO: Vintage inspired 1940's skirt

I've seen so many highwaisted skirts online at the moment, but i've always been a bit iffy about them because of my wide hips. To heck with it!
Jakk* and I have taken up Rock and Roll dancing so I definitely need more outfits to wear. It feels so good to back on the dance floor - especially with a partner who learns quick!

*um, have I introduced my boi Jakk??? She blogs over here at Jake the Cowboi, although she hasnt written anything hehe )

So I saw this one from ReVamp1 - cute no?

So this is my version:

I used New Look 6750 but just the skirt part of the pattern. I also tapered in the skirt and used stretch bengaline so it fit nice and snug around my waist. The straps cross over in the back, and there is a back zipper.
I really like NL 6750 - I'm planning on making a dress for the Fifties Fair in a couple of weeks off the pattern, wait and see if it works though!
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