Monday, May 31, 2010

Nosferatu at The Opera House

A few months back, a few us went to see Immortal Seduction: Nosferatu, with Darth Vegas at the Sydney Opera House.

Brilliant doesn't begin to describe it. The remastered movie, with an AMAZING score (recognise the Star Wars 'cantina' music, A Country Practice theme, and many more).

I highly recommend going on 5 June, its only $25 - i am considering going again, thats how great it was.

You can't hide in a corset...

On Sunday the Sydney Femme Guild were invited to attend the Women and Sydney Leather Pride Forum - to address the reason for low numbers of women (and female-historied-futuritied) members of SLPA.

The forum itself was interesting, a lot of focus on raising the visibility of women at Inquisition (who wants to get elbowed in the boob? Not me!), and a lot of talk about informing the community itself about Leather.
Its not about wearing leather per se (I own 4 leather skirts - thats it) but about an interest in kink/BDSM/alternative practices or lifestyles.
A lot of people don't realise they have Leather leanings (who's been tied up and blindfolded?) and its about reaching the next generation. I feel old saying that and i'm not thirty yet.

Murphy's Law says I get sprung when out in public when i'm dressed up (better than being sprung looking like a schlep though).

Louise from 52 Suburbs literally jumped out of her car and ran over to me while I was waiting for my friends to arrive. About a hundred photos later, and she's taken some really great ones on her blog (here). I love the juxtapositions! Thanks Louise.

I love these two the most:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some bizarre vintage sexist adverts.

The mind boggles - full listing here...

I think what is really disturbing is reading some of the troll comments at the end of the post (i'm assuming most of them are trolls anyway).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fifties, Feminism and Femininity

Thinking more a feminism/femininity - I love Gertie's post about her love of fashion from an oppressive (for women) era.

In fact, I think i'm in femme-crush with Gertie. She raises some really great ideas/discussions (i.e. race and retro with Beyonce's latest clip) that alot of people wouldnt think about. Plus she sews too, so there is crafting content!

(oh god, I just posted a Beyonce song on my blog, will wonders never cease. Kinda weird that she's a republican)

So, go read it. I may not agree wholeheartedly with everything she writes, but it still gets the brain cells moving.

Also - if you want to have a massive laugh go read Effing Dykes. Explaining dykes, one hilarious blog post at a time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Neo-vintage hits the spot (or is it faux-vintage I wonder)

So I'm just more than slightly in love with vintage looks. I've been on a roll with sewing at the moment (turned out two vintage-inspired frocks, photos to come soon) and just stumbled across Colette Patterns - oh my god! Vintage-inspired dress patterns, finally!

This one (Ceylon) is my absolute favourite. I must make it ASAP - especially as the new boi i'm seeing wants to learn swing dancing with me. Awesome. And lets hear a big yay for the gorgeous curvy models she uses.

Another pattern find i just stumbled across (why did it take me so long) is Buttercup, from PopKnits.
5-ply with a big intarsia bow? And its a free pattern? I'm in! I love this girls version, I think the red buttons really rock it.

Too bad i've just cast on for the Marigold Sweater from the latest Interweave - I might be really naughty and cast on for this one too as I've got a heap of 5ply laying around in black and pink (of course)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knitting : Owl

I love Hansi Singh's knitting patterns - they are just too sweet!
Her pattern's are well written, and never fail to turn out just like the picture.
And the new boi i'm seeing has hinted that she loves handmade stuff (and owls), how can I refuse?

So I give you - Jonathon. (sorry about the stupid camera phone pic, my digital camera died).

Yarn : Spotlight Basics, one ball of each.
Pattern : The pattern was well written as always (i've made a squid previously) - my only not happy moment was the final instruction telling me to just sew the fluff around the nose. I think she could have explained it better, but oh well.
I wouldn't recommend this pattern to a newish knitter - that owl was pretty much knit in one piece! Yikes!
So of course, I am now knitting her a scarf...
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