Wednesday, November 03, 2010

No, I havent forgotten how to knit...

Thats the back, all done! I'm 5 inches up on the front too.
But who knows how long it will take me now - I was house sitting for a friend (for 3 weeks), it was an hours train travel each way, thats two hours of knitting time, per day!

I've been offline a little bit due to my Nan's ill-health - she's got lung cancer and not much time left so I flew down to see her in Geelong last weekend.
My Nan rocks. She has the most hilarious and cheeky sense of humour, and I know where my shoe-addiction came from. Her taste in clothing was always a bit out there, but I wish she kept some of her fabulous old stuff - the photos are fantastic!
She gifted me all her vintage costume jewellery though, can't wait to wear it when I next go out.

On the sewing front, I made a (highly) wearable muslin of Butterick 5250 - highwaisted Hollywood pants, View A. (This pattern cost $2, new, on Ebay!)

Great fitting pattern, terrible instructions. I used some navy stretch gaberdine with white anchor buttons to make them look like sailor pants once I realised the pattern worked and fitted well. I think next time i'd move the zip to the back instead of the front.

I'll definitely use this pattern again, the pants look really retro (although my housemate was confused as to why I wanted high waisted pants). So I better post a photo, but i'll get Cowboi to take a better one this weekend hopefully (my camera is crap).


ColorSlut said...

You are coming along on the knitting. I love the colors!

sweet jane. said...

I love those pants! They look great!

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