Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bed makeover, now with added skulls!

You know when you're laying in bed just about to fall asleep and you have the most amazing creative brainwave? And then you promptly forget it when you wake up and spend all day sad because you can't remember it, and it was super amazing?

It happens all the time for me, but this time I remembered!

I have the Sorum bed from IKEA (the old pine style, about 10 years old). It came with grey fleecy headboard covers.

Ok, the covers DO NOT go with my room anymore (did they ever?). I love the bed though, because its hard to find one that you can sit up comfortably in and still attach retraints to (ok, overshare of my personal life here).

So - make my own headboard covers, and make them embroidered!

I'm drawn to the Marigold Sugar Skull pattern by Polka & Bloom.

There are some nice versions around...

By Snifferooski

and also loving the Mad Ink set, from Sew Lovely

By Zhad_squad

And if you want a great time suck, check out the Embroidery group on Flickr.... drool...

So anyway. Thats my Xmas holidays projects sorted out, I did have concerns about knitting on a summer's day by the beach and embroidery is a much better option!

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