Monday, November 22, 2010

Aspirational hair, re-envisioned.

Or, hot queer haircuts! Lesbian visibility barbershop poster by DIS.

This poster is meant to be a contrast to the hyper-feminine salon posters - and you can buy copies of it from DISmagazine. (oh, i'm loving the bottom left)

spotted on Jezebel.


Cheri Pinktrix said...

Love this so much!

sasphyria said...

But why look they all so unhappy and sad?

Nobody seams happy. :(
I hope that are not just students that get paid for modelling unwanted hairstyles.

But i like many looks oft it! :)
Not for me, but i think i will give it my sister she is the type for this kind of hairstyle.


Bex said...

Sas, I think its the 'cooler-than-thou' face that a lot of queers spend hours perfecting hehe...

Emily said...

That's it, Bex, they're all playing cool.

And hot! Have forwarded image to C for ideas...

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