Thursday, October 21, 2010

So close, so close...

I'm in the process of casting off the back of my WWII Victory Jumper and its pretty exciting! Looking through my Ravelry project list, I realised that i've only finished three actual proper garments (not scarves, lace, socks, etc) in all the years i've been knitting. (I have many, many frogged garments).

Well, I am going to make this finished number four!

Since i've had to re-work the arm-scye/sleeves, it was reassuring to read RetroKnit's post on Knitting Vintage: Altering Neck, Shoulders and Armscye and find out I was on the right track.

Just like to say thanks to Casey's Musings for linking my blog (hello new peoples) and also for posting a link to Rather Do Knitting's amazing collection of vintage knitting patterns.

What a treasure trove!
I think I may have found my next project - either this one:

or this one

The puff sleeves melt my heart every time. So does her 'hey there, big boy' look hehe.

I've been house + kitty sitting for the past few weeks, and gee I really miss my sewing machine. Play suits, and swing pants, and forties puff-sleeved shirts are waiting for me!

I also have to say farewell to my navy and white tie dress that I wore to the Fifties Fair Day (back in this post). I tried to remove some of the blue dye transfer on the white poplin, and proceeded to strip more navy dye out of the skirt. The white is now a purple tie-dye (it looks a bit seventies).

RIP, pretty dress. I only wore you once, but I have your pattern forever.


smartygirl said...

both of those sweaters are lovely! i esp. like the collar.

elise said...

I Love that dress, I hate it when
that happens. Can you maybe use it in another way ? Anyway, you look great in that dress. Hard choice with the sweaters,they're both sweet!

Andi B. Goode said...

Hi! Love your blog. I haven't had a proper search through it yet but from what I see I love it. Just wanted to say that I put the second picture on my tumblr, with a link back to this post. Hope that's OK! =]
-Andi x

Bex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bex said...

Hey Andi - thanks! And no worries about the image ;). Bex x

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