Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lux 1935 - A jumper that can go places!

'There are cowl necks and raglan sleeves aplenty, but both together is definintely an achievement! And to make our triumph even greater, we have buttons up the back!'

I really like this one, its from Lux 1935 (Australian) that I just got recently on Ebay - only a few more Luxs to go and i'll have the set~! Then I can start on Stitchcraft... oh dear!

While this booklet is in fabulous condition, the images are very grainy and were a pain to scan - apologies for the quality...


Emily said...

I do like this, but think I'd need a dresser to get in and out of it! Or maybe the cowl allows for not undoing the buttons? Enquiring minds, etc.

Lisa said...

Wonderful! Thats a lot of knitting though, I'm not sure I'd have the patience!

A not so subversive or anarchist femme. ;-)

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