Monday, October 11, 2010

Honest to goodness knitting content

Thats right!
I havent forgotten how to knit, in my journey back to sewing land.

Everyone's versions of this V&A pattern look amazingly cute on Ravelry, I had to cast on for one too.

I was watching a Miss Marple episode recently, and one of the characters was wearing a really similar one in autumn colours. And she was playing a lesbian. I can't remember the episode though!

I've re-sized it for a 40inch bust, and 5 ply wool. If it works out i'll post the reworked pattern on the blog for other busty grrls.
Its 5 ply, so it's going to take a while (Lincraft has 50% off their wool at the moment BTW) but the lace-stripe is so addictive!

My Wearing History patterns came last week too - super happy!

I really hope she branches into dresses, its so nice to get multi sized vintage patterns.

Lastly - i've seen so many posts about people not being able to find self covered buckle kits in Australia.

$4.15 each, from Lincraft (I got these in Bankstown), and you can get the belt webbing that goes inside from Spotlight. Or just use heavy interfacing.
They can be found!

L'uccello in Melbourne also has an amazing range of vintage haberdashery supplies too, at really cheap prices ($4 for a bakelite belt buckle!). Its right near Buttonmania.

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The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Wait, I thought I was the only one who watched miss marple! haha. Can't wait to see your jumper all knitted up!!!

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