Sunday, October 10, 2010

*breathe out*

What a weekend!
The Femme Conference went off (more people came than we thought) and i've had really irregular sleep because of all the work. And i've lost my voice.

Totally worth it though. It was so inspiring and validating to see 80 femmes/allies gather together and discuss a variety of topics, and network, and make new friends.

My dress turned out fantastic BTW, I made it in 8 hours the day before - i'd like to say due to procastination but really it was all crazy sewing of decorations for the party. Photos once I can get the Cowboi to bring her camera over.

There's also a a fab vintage-sewing-pattern give away on My Happy Sewing Place!
I love her blog, its great to see how someone wears mostly vintage in their day to day lives, for work, for play. Some of her creations are so cute, I just die because she wears them so well :D.

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