Thursday, October 21, 2010

So close, so close...

I'm in the process of casting off the back of my WWII Victory Jumper and its pretty exciting! Looking through my Ravelry project list, I realised that i've only finished three actual proper garments (not scarves, lace, socks, etc) in all the years i've been knitting. (I have many, many frogged garments).

Well, I am going to make this finished number four!

Since i've had to re-work the arm-scye/sleeves, it was reassuring to read RetroKnit's post on Knitting Vintage: Altering Neck, Shoulders and Armscye and find out I was on the right track.

Just like to say thanks to Casey's Musings for linking my blog (hello new peoples) and also for posting a link to Rather Do Knitting's amazing collection of vintage knitting patterns.

What a treasure trove!
I think I may have found my next project - either this one:

or this one

The puff sleeves melt my heart every time. So does her 'hey there, big boy' look hehe.

I've been house + kitty sitting for the past few weeks, and gee I really miss my sewing machine. Play suits, and swing pants, and forties puff-sleeved shirts are waiting for me!

I also have to say farewell to my navy and white tie dress that I wore to the Fifties Fair Day (back in this post). I tried to remove some of the blue dye transfer on the white poplin, and proceeded to strip more navy dye out of the skirt. The white is now a purple tie-dye (it looks a bit seventies).

RIP, pretty dress. I only wore you once, but I have your pattern forever.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lux 1935 - A jumper that can go places!

'There are cowl necks and raglan sleeves aplenty, but both together is definintely an achievement! And to make our triumph even greater, we have buttons up the back!'

I really like this one, its from Lux 1935 (Australian) that I just got recently on Ebay - only a few more Luxs to go and i'll have the set~! Then I can start on Stitchcraft... oh dear!

While this booklet is in fabulous condition, the images are very grainy and were a pain to scan - apologies for the quality...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Checkerball Dress

Finally, proof that I did indeed finish the lime-green checkered dress for Checkerball.
(also, how cute is Cowboy? She wore leather pants, leather braces and a tartan tie *heart flutters*)

The details: I used Simplicity 3673 (the vintage reproduction) and a Burda pattern (eep, can't remember, but its about 4 years old) for the cross over bust. I added 8 inches to the shirt flare as I thought it could use more, and made the waist/bust as close to my natural measurements as I could - maybe 1/2inch of ease, maximum. I knew the cross-bust of the dress would be forgiving enough for that, and I wanted a really tight waist.
I also folded down approx 1 inch in the waist (a petite adjustment) as it looked too long in the pattern photo.
The back of the bodice pattern was princess seamed, so I converted it to shoulder and back darts to better match with the darts in the skirt.

The entire dress took about 3m of gingham, matching the checks and all, and used cream poplin for the lining. (the fabric was on sale, so the whole thing cost me $30). The belt is pale pink chambray with a self covered belt buckle.

This dress is amazing. I wore it again on Sunday at the Rock and Roll Markets in Tempe, and got so many great comments (thats the last photo, with my new hat from the Vintage Fair).

I will definately use the skirt pattern again, and probably just change the bust designs for variety.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles Show

Its on again this weekend, at the Canterbury Racecourse.

I love the Vintage Show - I always buy buttons, but this year Cowboy has asked me to look out for vintage ties so i'm on a mission!

They even have a vintage roadshow - bring your favourite garment and learn its history...

In the Heyday Giveaway

Oh my gosh! Shona is giving away one of her dresses (in your size) just by leaving a comment on her post...

That fabric is killer! And pockets! Pockets!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free pattern Thursday - Spring Magic

From Twin-Prufe 144. Look how awesome she is! Cats eye glasses, bullet bra, the pose.
She'll go out dancing with you on Saturday night, but expect to treat her like a princess!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Honest to goodness knitting content

Thats right!
I havent forgotten how to knit, in my journey back to sewing land.

Everyone's versions of this V&A pattern look amazingly cute on Ravelry, I had to cast on for one too.

I was watching a Miss Marple episode recently, and one of the characters was wearing a really similar one in autumn colours. And she was playing a lesbian. I can't remember the episode though!

I've re-sized it for a 40inch bust, and 5 ply wool. If it works out i'll post the reworked pattern on the blog for other busty grrls.
Its 5 ply, so it's going to take a while (Lincraft has 50% off their wool at the moment BTW) but the lace-stripe is so addictive!

My Wearing History patterns came last week too - super happy!

I really hope she branches into dresses, its so nice to get multi sized vintage patterns.

Lastly - i've seen so many posts about people not being able to find self covered buckle kits in Australia.

$4.15 each, from Lincraft (I got these in Bankstown), and you can get the belt webbing that goes inside from Spotlight. Or just use heavy interfacing.
They can be found!

L'uccello in Melbourne also has an amazing range of vintage haberdashery supplies too, at really cheap prices ($4 for a bakelite belt buckle!). Its right near Buttonmania.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

*breathe out*

What a weekend!
The Femme Conference went off (more people came than we thought) and i've had really irregular sleep because of all the work. And i've lost my voice.

Totally worth it though. It was so inspiring and validating to see 80 femmes/allies gather together and discuss a variety of topics, and network, and make new friends.

My dress turned out fantastic BTW, I made it in 8 hours the day before - i'd like to say due to procastination but really it was all crazy sewing of decorations for the party. Photos once I can get the Cowboi to bring her camera over.

There's also a a fab vintage-sewing-pattern give away on My Happy Sewing Place!
I love her blog, its great to see how someone wears mostly vintage in their day to day lives, for work, for play. Some of her creations are so cute, I just die because she wears them so well :D.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Free Knitting Pattern Thursday

Why not?

I love this little 1950's number from 'Woman and Home', look at the tie neck! And it supposedly fits up to a 40inch bust.

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