Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vintage Playsuit + Fitting Angst = Tears

I want a vintage (inspired) play suit for summer.

I want to look like Marilyn Monroe, lounging on the beach this Christmas. In polka dots. (Cowboi and I are going to Pretty Beach, down south).

And I want to make it, because I can't afford $120 for one.

Oh the plans. I bought espadrilles. I bought sunglasses. I had plans of buying a beach chair for lounging with my pina colada.

I chose lime green and white polka dot fabric, and thought I could frankenstein two different patterns together. With pale pink plastic buttons i've been saving for something special. Super cute?

EPIC Play suit FAIL.

It pulled down in the back, ballooned around my waist, was too tight in the crotch and the legs were too long. Not to mention the shapelessness in the bust. No photos.

What have I learned:
- If there isnt enough room in the booty/bum curve, the back will pull down. Badly. And the front will pull up in the crotch to be camel-toe inducing. Not a good look.
- Modding a current New Look pattern (for the top) and a Vintage 70's pattern (for the pants) together into a one-piece pattern may not be so great. Especially when I had to upsize the pants pattern by a couple of inches.
- New Look patterns are hit and miss. They work when you make them out of stretch fabric which is more forgiving.
- Use larger polka dots. Or plain fabric. Or you're gonna look strange, especially in lime green.
- Make sure the legs are short and cuffed, or it will look like a bad eighties catsuit/jumpsuit throw back.

So, i'm going to give Simplicity 2476 a go, and mod the top and pray.


Moxie Tonic said...

What about a pair of vintage style shorts with a haltery top in matching fabric? Gives the illusion of a playsuit, but the pieces can be worn as separates AND you don't have to completely disrobe to use the toilet. Win, win imho ;)
I feel the pain of the un-salvageable project though! Making a muslin really has helped my wadder to wearable ratio, but I still can't seem to get past feeling like its a waste of time and fabric.

Vintage Grrl said...

Oh Bex honey! If you ever need help in the frankensteining of patterns department, PLEASE hollar! I will also check through my pattern arsenal and see what I have and get back to you :D

Bex said...

Oh thanks Tia!
If you have a vintage playsuit pattern, i'd love to trace it!


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