Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vintage Hairstyles Booklet

Bumping into Vintage Grrl (with fantastic victory rolls) at the Rock and Roll markets reminded me of this link for a naughty copy of 1940s Hairstyles, by Daniela Turudich on google docs.

I don't normally like naughty copies, but the book is out of print and retails for $150 on Amazon. Pretty crazy....

And what did I see at the markets.

Swing Pants.

Everywhere. Sailor style, high waisted, tweed, navy, brown. I think I need to make some, and viola, check out this repro pattern on Etsy!

So cute! I love the repro patterns (especially with multisizing).

(and what did I buy at the markets? A vintage 60s black plastic bow brooch - not terribly exciting but there wasn't much that grabbed me or was in my size).

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