Thursday, September 09, 2010

Good pattern karma

Ok, I think the sewing gods heard how I upset I was, because they sent me some awesome pattern karma. I've wanted a 1930's lounging pyjama pattern since I began collecting about 6 years ago - but the prices! Anywhere from $40-$95.

So finally, I snagged one for $20 including postage on Etsy! (its a 1937 Simplicity)

I can just imagine laying on my chaise longue, reading a magazine, wondering where my next martini is... well maybe not. I'm still a happy girl.

The other reason I know that the pattern gods are smiling is because of getting these 40s shorts pattern damn cheap. I'm pretty sure they feel bad about the whole play suit debacle, and sent this one my way.

Bibbed pants with front buttons!!!

Heck yes. In size 16.

This is a strange one, i've seen it for $45 on one site, and $23 on another (I paid half of that). Shows it pays to look around. And people charge whatever they feel like.

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ColorSlut said...

That is good karma. I hope you make a pair of shorts soon!

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