Sunday, September 12, 2010

Full on rock and roll weekend!

Started with our normal Rock and Roll dance class on Saturday, then shopping on south King St. Cowboi bought the cutest swing braces from Retrospect'd - and I finally got a 50's hat I can wear with my short hair! Its very cute, but I want to do my hair properly before I take a photo for the blog!
Then we went and looked in all the vintage shops up and down the street.
Three hours later, and i'm dying from exhaustion.
I love the Cowboi, she loves shopping a lot so we always have a good time. She's also got a really good eye for what suits someone well.

I really, really recommend the Rockabilly Dance Class that Cowboi and I went to the Sunday.
The class went for 3 hours, and was taught by Limpin' Jimmy and the Swinging Kitten.
Really great teachers, they made sure everyone was confident with the moves and focused on the fun aspect of dancing.

We hung around afterwards for a bit of a dance, and had a chat with an awesome rockabilly couple from Penrith (with amazing tatts). They had 4 kids, you wouldn't know it. (I love finding a point of connection with strangers, especially non-queers. I love that most of the people who read this blog arn't queer either).

We're hoping to meet them again this Sunday at the Rock'n'Roll Markets in Tempe.


Vintage Grrl said...

Jimmy & Maggie are just great, aren't they? Have known them for years, great dancers and DJ's too!

I can't wait for the markets this weekend. The last ones were fantastic, and it really is a great place to 'bump' into people that you haven't seen for a while *nudge.hint*.. :P

See you there!

Bex said...

Hey Tia, i'll definitly keep my eyes peeled for you!

Bex said...
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