Thursday, September 16, 2010

Femme Conference!

Bang a gong - it's on! (can't resist an Iron Chef quote). Tickets available from

We're so lucky to have Madison Young as the keynote speaker, and a really diverse range of papers/workshops are on their way. (cough cough yours truly may be sitting on the Leather Femme panel).

The Checkerball Party on Saturday night is going to go off with some of Sydney's best Femme perfomers - Glitta Supanova, Lillian Starr, Stella Topaz, Vixen Noir... the list goes on.

Sunday is a casual wind-down, featuring a Rock and Roll dance class*, pot luck lunch and internation films from Femmes and queers around the world.... Gold coin donation.

*yes. yes. yes. I'm so excited about that one.

So now. What to wear to the Checkerball?
I'm loving this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing... but in green and white gingham? Time to get sewing anyway...

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