Monday, September 27, 2010

Colette Patterns

Arn't they pretty?

I had no idea that the Colette patterns came so well packaged. Firm cardboard packet, lovely printed instructions and tissue printed patterns.
I bought mine from Modern Retro Textiles, the price included postage within Australia which was great.

I really want to get Parfait and Rooibos too, but one project at a time I guess.

Sencha is really useful, it could pass as a 40s or 50s top quite easily. I mean, look at Butterick 7952* below, doesnt it look like the Sencha in the middle with a peter pan collar?

*Butterick 7952 was the first vintage pattern I ever bought, about 8 years ago. Still havent sewn it up. Typical.

I'm itching to sew Sencha, but the CheckerBall dress of Doom must come first. I've nearly finished creating the pattern, but its a bit of a nightmare.

Note to self, buy a petticoat next time, don't make one.

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Vintage Grrl said...

Bah! Petticoats are easy! I can put one together in an afternoon.

Loving the patterns.. will have to check them out :D

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