Monday, August 16, 2010

FO: Vintage inspired 1940's skirt

I've seen so many highwaisted skirts online at the moment, but i've always been a bit iffy about them because of my wide hips. To heck with it!
Jakk* and I have taken up Rock and Roll dancing so I definitely need more outfits to wear. It feels so good to back on the dance floor - especially with a partner who learns quick!

*um, have I introduced my boi Jakk??? She blogs over here at Jake the Cowboi, although she hasnt written anything hehe )

So I saw this one from ReVamp1 - cute no?

So this is my version:

I used New Look 6750 but just the skirt part of the pattern. I also tapered in the skirt and used stretch bengaline so it fit nice and snug around my waist. The straps cross over in the back, and there is a back zipper.
I really like NL 6750 - I'm planning on making a dress for the Fifties Fair in a couple of weeks off the pattern, wait and see if it works though!


ColorSlut said...

Goodness what a great idea and it came out perfect! I love the black fabric as well!

Emily said...

Looks better on you ;-)

Just spent time with Reecie - thought of you!

Bex said...

Aww thanks guys!

(and i'm so jealous of Reecie - when are you coming back down under Em?!?!)

Summer said...

Very nice! I love your blog name, btw.

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