Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FO: Latex skirt of Doom

I've always wanted to work with latex and leather - learning new skills, not to mention being able to make my own fetish outfits for a lot less. Uber ran a Working with Latex course a few weeks back which I highly recommend.

I thought maybe we'd make a wrist cuff. Or something basic.

We got to make clothing! Hurrah! Well, actually we got to make either a really short mini skirt or a tank top.
I asked the teacher very nicely if I could please alter that skirt pattern.... to a below knee fitted wiggle skirt! Much more my style:

It looks a bit wonky on one side, but thats because i'm standing funny.

I really like working with latex. Everything is glued instead of sewn, you get to sniff chemicals and use a rotary cutter (ooh! danger!) - exciting!
If only latex sheets weren't so expensive (you can only get it from the UK and it costs a bomb to post out) i'd be experimenting more right now.

Next up - leather. I just got my hands on a leather industrial sewing machine and some leather - I just need to be able to fit it in my sewing room...


ColorSlut said...

WOW WOW. Impressed out here. Where do you buy latex to work with?

Bex said...

There are a couple of places - Supatex (http://www.supatex.com/) and Radical Rubber (http://www.radicalrubber.co.uk/) - to get them to send to Australia you have to buy about a minimum of $200 worth :(.
You can get it on ebay.co.uk too ;).

And thanks!

Lara said...

ooo, spunky!

I used to have some gorgeous latex hotpants in my younger years.

Ah, memories :)

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