Monday, June 07, 2010

Study suggests lesbians make great parents.

Hell yeah.

"We simply expected to find no difference in psychological adjustment between adolescents reared in lesbian families and the normative sample of age-matched controls... I was surprised to find that on some measures we found higher levels of [psychological] competency and lower levels of behavioral problems. It wasn't something I anticipated."

"Yet there is an element of "common sense" in the idea that children born into planned families, to parents who both actively want kids, tend to have better experiences than kids who happen unexpectedly. The study states that the mothers' "commitment even before their offspring were born to be fully engaged in the process of parenting" may be a key factor in explaining the unique benefits of having two moms. They also found that same-sex mothers tend to be more involved in their children's lives, and more likely to communicate with their kids. Through these traits are not tied to their sexuality, lesbian parents do face unique challenges, which could actually help make them better parents. Since many kids in same-sex households face teasing at a young age, the parents are more likely to initiate discussions about sexuality, diversity, and tolerance."

Not that I want children (i'd be a terrible parent), but in all, I think the dykes I know who have kids are pretty awesome - and their kids really well adjusted.

Maybe I can pass some awesomeness onto my niece, but something tells me she's gonna turn out pretty awesome anyway.


Kris said...

One of my American lesbian friends (with a new baby) just shared the same article on Google today!

Lara said...

Don't sell yourself short babe - you'd make an awesome parent. Maybe not for a few years, but when you're ready!

Also, I think that facing some adversity or challenges makes you more sensitive as a parent to emotional intelligence, and more motivated to communicate about emotional issues with your children.

craftthefinalfrontier said...

It has the potential to be a more nuturing environment than the traditional parental setup.


ColorSlut said...

Just found you on Ravelry and now your blog. From all the gay and lesbian's I know ... they make great parents or crap parents on the same level as straight people. I really believe people are people regardless of sexual stuff. Judging people one way or the other is just crap. I just wish the world would stop caring about it and let people get on with their lives!

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