Thursday, June 24, 2010

Costumery, corsetry and Inqui

Inquisition 18 is coming up really soon! Yay! How many of you are going?
*crickets chirping*

Just me? ....yay anyway!

I love Inqui because its a chance to wear theatrical outfits where they are most appreciated - a dance party full of perverts.
And dance your butt off to fantastic music.

I'm determined to make a cincher or corset for this year - i've been saying that for the last 4 years but this time i've pulled my finger out in time to actually do it.

Outfit theme for this year - EVIL CUPCAKES!

To start with, I traced a pattern off my Gallery Serpentine waist cincher. I really recommend tracing patterns off clothing if you have something that fits well.
Cupcake fabric from, and metal corset boning/busks from Metro Fabrics.

I have since found out why corsets are so damned expensive - all my boning supplies cost $70!!!!!

Something to remember when making a corset/cincher- if you want a dramatic waist reduction, grade the waist smaller. I wish I had taken the waist in more, but definately will for next time.
I think these means I will be making another one.

Skirt is still to be made.... but my wig came from CosPlay Wigs.

As modelled by The Boi. (who's your Daddy? hehe)

We spent last night running around playing dress ups with that wig. Its fabulous. Every household needs crazy-ass wigs to play with.
Oh, here is me, doing a i'm-going-to-eat-your-face look.

Hmm... Somehow, it looks better on my housemate!

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ColorSlut said...

The wig is great. And Evil Cupcakes is a wonderful theme. I can't wait to see what evil you produce :)

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