Monday, May 31, 2010

You can't hide in a corset...

On Sunday the Sydney Femme Guild were invited to attend the Women and Sydney Leather Pride Forum - to address the reason for low numbers of women (and female-historied-futuritied) members of SLPA.

The forum itself was interesting, a lot of focus on raising the visibility of women at Inquisition (who wants to get elbowed in the boob? Not me!), and a lot of talk about informing the community itself about Leather.
Its not about wearing leather per se (I own 4 leather skirts - thats it) but about an interest in kink/BDSM/alternative practices or lifestyles.
A lot of people don't realise they have Leather leanings (who's been tied up and blindfolded?) and its about reaching the next generation. I feel old saying that and i'm not thirty yet.

Murphy's Law says I get sprung when out in public when i'm dressed up (better than being sprung looking like a schlep though).

Louise from 52 Suburbs literally jumped out of her car and ran over to me while I was waiting for my friends to arrive. About a hundred photos later, and she's taken some really great ones on her blog (here). I love the juxtapositions! Thanks Louise.

I love these two the most:

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52 Suburbs said...

Hey Bex. Just saw these on your site - so glad you like! And yes, I did sort of catapault myself at you didn't I! Good on you for going with it.

Louise, from 52 Suburbs

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