Sunday, May 23, 2010

Neo-vintage hits the spot (or is it faux-vintage I wonder)

So I'm just more than slightly in love with vintage looks. I've been on a roll with sewing at the moment (turned out two vintage-inspired frocks, photos to come soon) and just stumbled across Colette Patterns - oh my god! Vintage-inspired dress patterns, finally!

This one (Ceylon) is my absolute favourite. I must make it ASAP - especially as the new boi i'm seeing wants to learn swing dancing with me. Awesome. And lets hear a big yay for the gorgeous curvy models she uses.

Another pattern find i just stumbled across (why did it take me so long) is Buttercup, from PopKnits.
5-ply with a big intarsia bow? And its a free pattern? I'm in! I love this girls version, I think the red buttons really rock it.

Too bad i've just cast on for the Marigold Sweater from the latest Interweave - I might be really naughty and cast on for this one too as I've got a heap of 5ply laying around in black and pink (of course)


ismilesalot said...

love the designs. You must really be a great seamstress to pull these babies off. There's a lot going on there

Emily said...

I'm liking this link - excellent patterns. THanks.

I hope Kris does visit your Femme group, would be v cool. And I know what she means - and where you're coming form too. Hard to get it all straight in your head (re patriarchy and male gaze and femmeness).

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