Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knitting : Owl

I love Hansi Singh's knitting patterns - they are just too sweet!
Her pattern's are well written, and never fail to turn out just like the picture.
And the new boi i'm seeing has hinted that she loves handmade stuff (and owls), how can I refuse?

So I give you - Jonathon. (sorry about the stupid camera phone pic, my digital camera died).

Yarn : Spotlight Basics, one ball of each.
Pattern : The pattern was well written as always (i've made a squid previously) - my only not happy moment was the final instruction telling me to just sew the fluff around the nose. I think she could have explained it better, but oh well.
I wouldn't recommend this pattern to a newish knitter - that owl was pretty much knit in one piece! Yikes!
So of course, I am now knitting her a scarf...

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