Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Yes, i'm devoting an entire blog post to makeup.

I love makeup. I love being femme, wearing makeup and owning A LOT of it.
I bought a toolbox to fill with my makeup.
I love the trappings of 'femme' and the bois who love it - and by being queer and wearing makeup, you're being a radical feminist (contrary to what some gaystream lesbians may think).
Common theory is you wear makeup to accentuate the feminine, and therefore attract the masculine (men).
But what if you're queer and are wearing (femme) makeup, but are not doing it for the male gaze? You're turning your back on the gender binary and the mainstream, you're embracing your femme identity and all that it entails.
You're doing it as an expression of your own self.
Just my own thoughts on this.

Anyways. I had a Femme Guild meeting last night, enough said.


I have a love-hate relationship with Maxfactor Makeup.

Their Masterpiece Max is the best mascara i've used, but if I use it more than twice a week I have an allergic reaction to it.

I love the colour range in the Lipfinity lipsticks plus they don't have the annoying sparkles that Rimmel or Maybelline have, but find that they flake off (its pretty gross). Staying power it does not have in my experience.

By far the best fake eyelash glue i've ever used is from Make Up Store (there's one at Broadway). It dries black which makes it brilliant for using over eyeliner and fixing smudges. I've used it on heavy eyelashes and they stayed on all night, even through sweaty dancing (i.e. Mardi Gras - that was 12 hours solid of dancing). Awesome stuff.
I wear false lashes any chance I get, I really love the half lashes - so easy to apply, give them a go if you've never used falsies before.

Looking for a great vintage style lipstick - Revlon does a great matte one, and colour 006 (i think its Really Red) is pretty true to a retro fifties colour.
Use Benefit She Laq over the top (this stuff is the bomb!) and it will stay on for ages.

If you've ever wanted to do pin-up style eyeliner - this tutorial is fabulous:

I highly recommend Revlon's Colourstay Liquid liner - it really does stay on all day without smudging and its really easy to apply.

And, that about does it. I've trawled youtube for some great retro makeup clips - i'll share them eventually...
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