Monday, September 07, 2009


Wow - what neglect on the blog front.
Lots of ups and downs are taking my energy away from the things I love (knitting included). Le sigh.

Taught a really great knitting workshop for the Cut + Paste Sustainable Craft Fest on Sunday. A lovely combination of queer crafters, sunshine on a roof top garden, tea and scones. Everyone picked up knitting really fast (my big fear was failing as a teacher) and it was nice to just chill and chat to people.

Still havent got my knitting-mojo back on which saddens me. I had to force myself to pick up the needles and make the stitches - the passion is missing at the moment.
Everything ebbs and flows, I know if I give it time it will come back.

On the house front, we've finally put up the last bit of hardi-flex = the house is now sealed. Hopefully we will be able to undercoat and paint this weekend sometime.
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