Monday, June 29, 2009

Just did my tax...

And worked out I get $115 back - not including deductions (thats another $300!).

Yay. Totally justified the $90 I just spent on this cincher from My Baby Jo.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kawaii! And Queer! Oh My!

Animals should be dressed - otherwise they are naked. I'm a firm believer in this - from a cute collar to a full on outfit, animals should have the same rights as the rest of us (dont get me started on how much of a fashionista my last doggie was - seriously).

Introducing the most kawaii piglet i've ever seen! Too cute for words!

Ok... deep breaths.... resist making every animal I know a similar outfit. It doesnt help that some friends of mine have the world's cutest pug.

Had an up and down weekend - volatile but ended nicely.
Someone I had a bad history with 10 years ago recently moved to Sydney, and has gotten heavily involved in the queer scene. I've worked really hard to put a lot of heavy feelings aside - I mean, I was a different person 10 years ago and i'm sure they are a different person now? Right?

We both recently attended a queer/trans workshop, but a few others and myself left early because we didnt agree with what was going on (which is fine - not everyone has to agree). This person then took it upon herself to exclaim loudly on the interwebs that it was people like (us) who ruined the queer scene by not supporting this particular issue, that we were haters, passive aggressives and down right no-good.

*Sigh* Just because my queer politics are different to someone elses doesnt mean mine are bad. I dont have to support something I'm not happy with (do I really have to list my community involvement pedigree to prove my queerness?). I was stewing over what she said the whole weekend, about whether I confront her or ignore it. I realised confronting her won't acheive anything, so the best thing to do is detach from the situation. Its just a shame that the scene is so small that i'll be forced to interact with her sometimes - will have to work on some boundaries.

The weekend ended wonderfully though - knitting the courthouse crew and afternoon tea with friends (and pug love!). I finished my red/black stripey socks, but realised I forgot to take photos!

T ook Tempest (my moped- named for Tempest Storm) out for the day - and rode home in the dark and rain - two of my big worries. Made it in one (wet) piece much to The Boi's relief.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Femme Outing - Sydney Femme Mafia

A few weeks ago I created an event on Facebook for a small group of femme friends to meet up at the Zanzibar, look fabulous and get slightly drunk. Last night was that night.

The even itself took off (I invited 10 people, and 40 people showed interest) - but out of the 20 RSVPs only 7 people showed up. Well, it was rainy and freezing so fair enough! I got wear a wiggle dress I havent worn for years (yay for weight loss) and my favourite hot shoes.

Still was an excellent night - I only knew two of the other girls but we all really connected over issues that face femmes everywhere: tiny hats, hot shoes and hotter bois/butches (lol).
Ended up staying until after 11pm (they shut the bar on us), drinking too many lychee martinis and telling hilarious stories to each other. It was so great to be in a group of empowered, vibrant women and connect in to what made us so different yet the same.

Cant wait for the next one - we are thinking of crashing the next Bear's Underwear Party in July (where else can you dance in your best Bettie Page knickers and have other girls admire them for what they are?).

It was suggested we call ourselves the Sydney Femme Mafia - not to distract from the Femme Guild, who feel to be more about the politics. This is more about the social side of being Femme.

Turns out one of the girls and her boi love Marilyn Manson - we just got tickets this morning for his October show and I cant wait to go. Its been ages since i've met someone who likes the same music, let alone want to go to a concert.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WWKIP and Intolerable Cruelty

Wheee! I love knitting, so knitting in public, with 80 other people makes it 100x better.






Also a great excuse to take Intolerable Cruelty out for its first public showing (The Boi insisted that a cincher was needed to complete the outfit).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back at work, back to life

It feels so good to be back in Sydney, even if my head is going a little crazy. I really miss the weather, the people watching and just the general atmosphere of a (big) city.

Mentally, i'll be honest enough to admit the last few months have been a struggle. I know there's a problem when I can't get excited about knitting/sewing! Realisation of my character defects, seeing my family interact, and finally learning that someone close to us attempted suicide while we were away has led to some intense moments.

I'm still working through some issues, but I know everything is going to be ok - making the effort to go to the Morris and Sons SnB last night (even for 20 mins) was totally worth it.

Counting my blessings really shows how lucky I am:
I have a great Boi who loves me no matter what,
my family (while a tad dysfunctional) are still around me,
I have my health, a roof over my head and food in the fridge,
I have a great job,
and finally - having a crazy kitty that is adorable!
(side note - my parents have sent down their moped for me, which means i'll also be more mobile! excellent!)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Katherine + Mataranka

Day 6: Up at 5.30am for a dawn cruise down the Katherine Gorge. Awesome. Really, really, really beautiful. Its so hard to describe what the gorges look like - i guess its easiest to say just go yourselves!

In the afternoon we drove 101kms to Mataranka Hot Springs - clear aqua water bubbling out of the ground and 34c all year round. Fin loved it - but it felt a bit like the Florida of the Northern Territory... I think we were the youngest people by about 30 years hehe...

Day 7: Home!!! About 350kms back to Darwin and The Boi did it one stretch - well done honey! While there was heaps to see in Katherine, the physical aspects (i.e. sore legs and not much sleep) were getting to us. It was very tempting to drive the 600kms to Wauchope and The Devil's Marbles but we just too worn out.
So now we're just chilling (The Boi is watching LaInk and LondonInk on cable) and i'm trying to get up the urge to keep knitting even though its sweltering (knitting addict for the win!).
Back to Sydney on Saturday - and our poor little kitty-cat! Meow!


Well, The Boi and I survived our week long trip into Northern Territory's most famous sites. We had an excellent time, took a million photos (some of which are here) and thorougly enjoyed each other's company. BTW thanks to the parentals for loan of the car and trailer ;D.

I'll break it down into Kakadu and Katherine, and try not to ramble on too much!

Day 1: We drove 3 hours out to Mamkula Wetlands (not as wet as we hoped!) and trekked around the outside. I think we were the only tourists crazy enough to do the walk and this sets the tone for the rest of our trip hehe. Then drove onto Jabiru and unpacked the parents campertrailer (with much swearing from The Boi).

Day 2: Got up early and visited Ubirr - one of the most picturesque landscapes with Aboriginal Rock Art that was thousands of years old. Totally gorgeous! This is what you think of when you think Kakadu.

Then onto Cahills Crossing, which is the main crossing into Arnhem Land. We didnt think my Dad would appreciate us taking the sedan across a crocodile infested river so just looked at it from the bank.

We did Bowali visitors centre (to get a taste of the history/culture of the area) and then back to camp for a nap and a swim!

Day 3: Drove to Yellow Waters/Cooinda and re-set up camp. This involved much less swearing as we now have the knack! After lunch, we set out to Nourlangie Rock (more Aboriginal art sites and much scampering over rocks) and the associated walk (2 kms is easy right? in 33c?). We wanted to see Arnbangbang billabong cos its on all the postcards, but it was closed.... or so we thought.

Instead I suggested the Nawurlandja hike to the lookout (not sure why it was labelled 'moderate' when 'steep like a biatch' would have been more accurate). Off to the side was a trail to Arnbangbang.... what the hell. Turns out it was closed because the water was still over the trail and crocs were about - we got as close as we dared though.

After the hike from hell to the top of the lookout we went back for another nap and dinner.

Day 4: Did the obligatory tourist cruise on Yellow Water - not really worth it in my opinion. We did see some crocodiles but not much else (unless you love herons and egrets I guess).

We decided to push on to have a look at Gungurul lookout (about 50 kms away). Really glad we did - besides all the crocodile warnings, the river bed was pretty dry and we could clamber around down there. Didnt bother climbing to the lookout cos we were hot and exhausted!

Drove back up the road and visited Mardugal - really pretty billabong, again full of crocs (Fin seemed determined to get near the edge).

Day 5: Packed up and left Cooinda. We obviously hadnt seen enough lookouts yet - lets walk to the top of Bukbukluk. Views wernt that spectacular but pretty enough.
Highlight of the trip - Gunlom!!!! It was 37kms over unsealed, corrugated roads (The Boi swearing the whole way hehe) but worth it. Emerald green plunge pool that just screamed lush. Another 1km walk ('steep' is understated) up the side of the cliffs to the most beautiful place we'd seen so far. Cascading clear pools that run right to the edge of the waterfall and drop over the side. We really, really want to go back. Spent alot of time up there, but are thinking of coming back just to visit Gunlom again. Only fell on my butt twice!

Decided to push onto Katherine (about 250km) as we were exhausted from the climb. Next post for Katherine.
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