Sunday, August 09, 2009

House Renovations!!! Eep!

The Boi thought french doors in the kitchen, to open up onto a deck would be the way to go - and that we should do all the buildery type stuff ourselves. I had real reservations about doing this but it all came good in the end. It wasnt that hard either - I love that Fin is so capable (capable butches = yum!) and i'm feeling really confident about gyprocking the kitchen later on.

Onto the before and after pics! (big thanks to Kylie for the help on Saturday :D)



(this is what I came home to on Thurs)

Next - the French Doors are being put in today, pictures to come soon! The full Flickr Set is here too BTW


TiNK said...

awesome! can't wait to see the doors :D

Andrea James said...

Can I borrow Fin please? I can pay in brownies.

Bex said...

Hey Andrea - we could do a labor exchange?

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